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Your New Year’s Wish List

Your Wish List for the New Year. Lots of change happening here at Great Lakes Dermatology, especially in the area of medical grade products for your skin – designed to effect change in your appearance in a real way. Your opportunity to benefit from laser treatments, facials, microdermabrasion, cosmetic peels, and products also will be enhanced through the efforts...

Great Lakes Dermatology is a proud sponsor of Rocks for Locks!

Great Lakes Dermatology is a proud sponsor of Rocks for Locks! Great Lakes Dermatology is proud to help sponsor Rocks for Locks.  Come to Milwaukee Harley Davidson (11310 W Silver Spring Rd.) and be a part of the 55 mile motorcycle ride or listen to music, eat great food, and learn more about Alopecia. All proceeds go to the National Alopecia...

Joins Us at the Innovative Car Show!

Innovative Fitness In Franklin Looking for something to do after work on Tuesday!? Innovative in Franklin is where it’s at!  Cool cars, Free Zumba, and tips to stay healthy at their health fair! The Address is 8800 S 102nd St. in Franklin. Starts at 4pm and goes till 9pm!  Come enjoy the last few weeks of summer outside with...

Oak Creek National Night Out

Great Lakes Dermatology is proud to be a part of Oak Creek National Night Out. We will be there from 6:00pm – 8:30pm with free skin cancer screening cards and a variety of samples!  This is being held at the Oak Creek Community Center (8580 S. Howell Ave.). See you...

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SKINtelligence by Dr. Fairfield

Your Skin Exam Time!

Your Skin Exam Time! Okay – it appears winter has finally loosened its grip and you are thinking about being outdoors. Women and Girls – soon you’ll be wearing scoops and V-necks, short sleeves and shorts. Men – soon you’ll be mowing lawns or garden renovating without a shirt on. Everybody wants a little colour (tan) and I’ve already addressed the sunscreen issue and its importance. What’s the most important thing to do next? As you look at your skin getting ready for summer’s clothing you may notice bumps, lesions, red spots, changing moles, and moles you’ve not seen before. It is paramount you come in for a simple skin exam before summer’s rays so you can enjoy summer...

Spring’s acomin’!

Yes, the birds are chirping, snow is melting, and the temperature is rising.  No matter what the future brings with the weather is is time to think of spring and summer and the Ultra Violet Light damage we will be be exposed to.  UVA is the culprit that causes our DNA to inactivate our skin’s ability to repair old sun damage. Make sure your sunscreen blocks an SPF as well as UVA. UVA is present all day, all weather, and all year! UVA (Ultra Violet A) causes our wrinkles, aging, pre cancers and skin cancers all in one fell swoop.  Make sure your sunscreen label includes blockage of UVA! Create a ritual of applying a broad spectrum sun screen...

I will NOT let age change Me – I will change the way I age

Too many of us simply give up.  Do you want age to change you? Or do you want to change the way you age? Age advances, sun damage and cigarette smoking have their effect on complexion and we simply accept it. No More! Here at Great Lakes Dermatology we have skin rejuvenating products with remarkable effect on how your skin looks. Stopping smoking is up to you but you would’t believe the deleterious effect it has on your skin – particularly in women for some reason. Anti-oxidants, bioavailable Vitamin C, and retinols all play a role in “turning back the clock”. Want more dramatic results? Think about our crystal free microdermabrasion, and the various skin peels our aestheticians offer....